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  2. Mark Webber, Friday Practice, 2013 Belgian Grand Prix

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  4. They can do whatever they want with pricing and compensation; they can deactivate you as a driver whenever they want,” said a man who drives for three ride-sharing services in San Francisco and asked that his name be withheld for fear of being blacklisted. “Nobody has my back.

    In the Sharing Economy, Workers Find Both Freedom and Uncertainty


    What was that Paul Graham quote about Uber being so virtuous that you can measure how corrupt cities are by their resistance to it?

    Uber A robust regulatory organization is so obviously a good thing that you can measure how corrupt cities are by how hard they try to suppress it.”

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  7. eatdrinkoakland:

    Sit down and enjoy a tropical cocktail at Oakland’s newest bar, Longitude. The historic art deco building (and former home of Disco Volante) has been transformed into an exotic locale, with tiki-style accents and art from around the world. Take a trip thru the extensive collection of international rums and whiskeys while dining on assorted small plates, from a pupu platter to British pub fare (vegetarian options, too). Opens at 4pm on Friday, August 15th, 347 14th Street (at Webster). See you there!

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  8. When you bring a 924 or 944 to a LeMons race, you can feel confident that you’ll start the race among the front-runners for the Heroic Fix and I Got Screwed trophies. Here we see Heroic Fix–winning Porch Racing at the ’12 Sears Pointless race in March. Their 944′s engine lost oil pressure and started making alarming hammering noises, so the team dispatched a crew to the nearest self-service junkyard and picked up another 944 engine.

    That engine also turned out to be bad, so the Porch Racing crew spent all Saturday night and most of Sunday morning building one good engine out of two bad ones. On a couple of Infineon Raceway’s picnic tables. In the rain. This was a fairly typical LeMons 944 race weekend.

  9. The M3 is the most recent of the broad-shouldered BMW Motorsport models to reach our shores. For those not yet fluent in M-speak, the M-machines are limited edition, high-performance versions of the 3-, 5-, and 6-series sedans. For several years the M-cars were a treat reserved for European buyers, but since early this year they have been trickling into the hands of hungry American enthusiasts. The M5 and the M6 debuted stateside in February, and the M3 joined the brawny pair in June.
      — Car and Driver, November, 1988

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  10. To be a truly creative company, you must start things that might fail.
    — Ed Catmull

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