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  5. When Steve asked you a question? You didn’t ramble and, whatever you did, you didn’t make up an answer. If you didn’t know, you just said that you didn’t know. But then you told him when you’d have an answer.
    — Don Melton

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  6. As a plebe at the U.S. Naval Academy, one is only permitted to use one of five basic responses: “Yes, sir!”, “No, sir!”, “Aye, aye, sir!”, “No excuse, sir!” and “I’ll find out, sir!”

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  7. One thing is for sure - that many of the people in the company didn’t know what was ‘true north’. They didn’t have the right heading. Many times in the last few weeks I’ve taken the time to explain what is true north, what the direction is that we’re going in. The biggest thing that achieves is that it avoids people wasting energy. If you are pulling in different directions then you are wasting energy. What you can’t do is suddenly make a car that is behind on downforce have downforce - that takes time. What you can do is clearly define the target. You can choose the best people to reach the goal in the shortest period of time. Of course we have the racing team, but the racing team is 600 people, and getting them aligned in one direction is what management is all about.
    — Ron Dennis

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  8. Formula One only responds to one hundred percent commitment from every team member.
    — Ron Dennis

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  9. calvinanddune:

    And when the box opens, I return to this presence like a stranger in a primitive land.


  10. The end goal is to develop an image that is easy to understand and remember, and that works well in its screen environment. It’s always optimal to be able to see the whole visual UI and mock up how icons will fit into that, and iterate.
    — Susan Kare

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