1. I’ll miss the iPod. I loved it. But you know, that’s just how it is. I also loved my Apple II, and also saw it come and go. You can’t get too nostalgic. I mean, there are people out there who still want the Commodore 64 or the Amiga to come back. That’s cute, but time marches on. It’s better to be excited for the future.
    — Tony “Father of the iPod” Fadell

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    2009 Italian Grand Prix


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    Fernando Alonso’s powerslide in FP2 - 2014 Singapore GP

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    this movie was a cinematic masterpiece 

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  7. You’re now ahead of Ferrari in the constructors…
    We are, aren’t we?


  8. iOS 7 dismisses the keyboard with a modal,
    iOS 8 does them separately.

    Am I doin it rong, or is this intentional? 😖



  10. Almost complicated enough to make one pine for the old days when we had to walk up hill both ways in the snow to check the bounds of [UIScreen mainScreen]. But not really.

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