1. Series 3: 5. Fenchurch to Embankment: Michael Portillo rides a secret miniature railway hidden beneath London’s streets.

    Mail Rail?!


  2. It is happening again.

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    Japanese GP 2014

    Grosjean showing the proper way to disarm a man carrying a banana.

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    Self care 101 

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  6. I think now more than ever it’s important to be clear, to be singular, and to have a perspective, one you didn’t generate as the result of doing a lot of focus groups.
    — Jony Ive

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  7. When you feel that the way you interpret the world is fairly idiosyncratic, you can feel somewhat ostracized and lonely, and I think that we both perceived the world in the same way.
    — Jony Ive on Steve Jobs

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  8. bryskye:

    Concorde and a Spitfire.
    What more needs to be said?

    Interesting to note that the Spitfire is more or less going flat-out whereas Concorde is going almost as slowly as it can, hence it’s high angle-of-attack.
    Unlike more modern delta wing aircraft or any military jets post-Vietnam, Concorde has neither flaps or slats.
    So it’s stall speed is relevantly high.

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    Let your fan flag fly.