1. Forty-five years of orange at the McLaren employee motorshow


  2. gameraboy:

    Let’s take a ride on the Peoplemover on opening day of New Tomorrowland on July 2, 1967. You’ll see a couple of amazing Mary Blair murals, Adventures Through Inner Space and the Monsanto House of the Future.

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  3. tiffanymingphotography:

    I visit Carsland in Disneyland California to see just how authentic it is to the movie.
    Hint: It’s very!

    Full album here.

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  4. Dream Chaser model in the Unitary Plan Wind Tunnel


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  7. disneypixar:

    The road to a final frame.

    I love how even the first sketch includes Portcullis House.


  8. I’m not convinced that people get into tiki just for a great drink. People like the atmosphere of tiki bars. More than kitsch, more than camp, people respond to the style and eventually they end up liking it in a completely unironic way… It has a lot to do with being able to go into a bar for two to three hours with no windows and a completely hermetically sealed Hollywood-esque theme. They help you dream. The good ones that last, they perform that function best.
    — Beachbum Berry

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  10. "Pstew’s Ice Bucket Challenge" (x)