1. Dream Chaser model in the Unitary Plan Wind Tunnel


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  3. When [Alberto Santos-Dumont] moved to Paris for his engineering education, he was set on the idea of flying in a balloon. Paris was, after all, the global center for ballooning. After many rejections, he found two Parisian balloonists willing to help him build a craft. Santos-Dumont named it Brasil. He once even took off with a friend, packing a picnic of cheeses, fruit, hardboiled eggs, roast beef, chicken, ice cream and cake. And, naturally, champagne—which they found to be extra bubbly due to the low pressure at their altitude.

  4. Developing an advanced prosthetic arm that is the same size, weight, and function of a natural limb wasn’t an easy task. There were many design challenges in developing the DEKA Arm. These include developing a configurable, non-invasive control scheme, keeping the weight of the arm equivalent to the “original equipment”, and getting all of the desired functionality into the required space.

    Perhaps the most difficult engineering challenge in developing the DEKA Arm was the hand. Look at your hand when you move your fingers to pick a pen up off of a table; then imagine the challenge of fitting motors, mechanisms, gears, and electronics in the same space that can accomplish the same functions as your hand. To turn the group’s ideas into reality, the DEKA design team used a solid-modeling, 3D CAD system, SLS and SLA rapid prototyping systems to quickly prove concepts, and advanced manufacturing techniques to build the first systems.

      — DEKA engineer Tom Doyon

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    Ferrari Enzo Engine

    Camshaft and oil pump drive system

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  6. Ray Dolby, the inventor and engineer who founded Dolby Laboratories and pioneered noise-reducing and surround-sound technology widely used in the film and recording industries, has died in San Francisco at 80, the company announced Thursday.

    Dolby had been living with Alzheimer’s disease in recent years and was diagnosed in July with acute leukemia, the company said.

    “Today we lost a friend, mentor and true visionary,” Dolby Laboratories President and Chief Executive Kevin Yeaman said in a statement. “Ray Dolby founded the company based on a commitment to creating value through innovation and an impassioned belief that if you invested in people and gave them the tools for success they would create great things. Ray’s ideals will continue to be a source of inspiration and motivation for us all.”

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    Red Bull has brought new parts to Monza …

    Their rivals wonder, “Have you no mercy at all?” …

    Looks like some front and rear wings and Newey knows what else.
    Aww yea.

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    Sauber running with their complete DRD […] via @OctanePhotos

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    Lotus Goes Turbo is a 30 minute documentary covering the Lotus Formula One teams switch from naturally aspirated to turbo V6 engines in the 1983 season. It’s a fantastic little piece of history, seeing engineers designing a Formula One car on a drafting table with a pencil and slide rule is a reminder of just how brilliant these guys actually were.


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