3. I think that Stefano was a great man, first of all. I’m a close friend of his, not just on the circuit. We ski together every January 1st in Italy in the mountains. We still have a close relationship. We’ve been talking all the week long. I think that will continue, because we have known each for many years and we have worked very closely for this couple of years, so that’s important, to separate work from friendship.

    Then, as a team principal, I think he made good choices, good things. Obviously we missed opportunities in 2010, in 2012. They missed opportunities in 2008 with Felipe. If not, he could probably have three championships in his pocket. I think he brought in Pat Fry, he brought James Allison, Raikkonen, so I think all the things that people ask from him he was giving to them, probably, as I said, the results in the sports are important and the pressure at Ferrari is also quite big, so he made his decision which we respect and we will try to move forward in different directions but try to move forward. I’m happy with the time that we passed together.
    — Fernando Alonso

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  5. One thing is for sure - that many of the people in the company didn’t know what was ‘true north’. They didn’t have the right heading. Many times in the last few weeks I’ve taken the time to explain what is true north, what the direction is that we’re going in. The biggest thing that achieves is that it avoids people wasting energy. If you are pulling in different directions then you are wasting energy. What you can’t do is suddenly make a car that is behind on downforce have downforce - that takes time. What you can do is clearly define the target. You can choose the best people to reach the goal in the shortest period of time. Of course we have the racing team, but the racing team is 600 people, and getting them aligned in one direction is what management is all about.
    — Ron Dennis

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  6. Formula One only responds to one hundred percent commitment from every team member.
    — Ron Dennis

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  7. Francois Cevert
    1973 Spanish Grand Prix


  8. McLaren MP4/3 - TAG-Porsche TTE PO1 1.5 V6 (t/c - 4.0 Bar limited)
    1987 British Grand Prix, Silverstone Circuit

  9. Details

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