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    Can’t believe this has been 5 years ago (18.10.2009)

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  3. For all of us it has been a tough week. To be involved in the race, to know Jules and to know he is in this condition breaks my heart.
    — Daniel Ricciardo, who said Bianchi was the first friend he made when he came to Europe from Australia (via thepagemistress)

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  4. [Jules] had a lot of friends in the paddock… so I have been spending some time with them, particularly Jean-Eric Vergne. I flew from Japan to Russia with the Toro Rosso driver and I am staying in the same hotel with him. We have spent that time exchanging our different stories of Jules.
    — Nico Rosberg, breaking my heart. #ForzaJules (via broomstick)

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    Japanese GP 2014

    Grosjean showing the proper way to disarm a man carrying a banana.

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    2009 Italian Grand Prix


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    Fernando Alonso’s powerslide in FP2 - 2014 Singapore GP

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  10. You’re now ahead of Ferrari in the constructors…
    We are, aren’t we?